Referral Instructions

We have a comprehensive list of tests offered under the programme. As on September 2015, we have enlisted over 80 genes which could be tested under the programme and we are working to significantly increase this number over the coming months.

What samples are required ?
We would require approx 5ml of blood in vacutainers (EDTA/ACD). In some cases, saliva/body fluids/tissues may also be considered, but please confirm before sending the samples.

How much does it cost ?
The current portfolio of tests are provided free of cost. The costs are currently covered under Grant OLP1120.

We look forward to contributions to enable us expand the number of tests and number of patients who benefit from this programme. Please contact us for more information in case you would be willing to donate to this programme

Request a test for your patient
The tests can be requested only by Registered and practicing Clinicians. If you are a patient, you could contact your consulting clinician to refer you for genetic screening.

Step1: Raise the Request Online
Ordering a test is simple. You could register and key in your details to refer a patient/family for genomic analysis online on this link
You will receive a mail back acknowledging the receipt of request and an ID and instructions for sending the samples.

Step2: Get the Requisite Consents and other Documents
Genomic test request
Please write a referral on your letterhead regarding the referral and the test you would be requesting. Package the documents with the box you would be sending across

Patient information and clinical details
Please add additional sheets describing the following information in brief
i) The pedigree with the affected family members clearly marked.
ii) Clinical presentation and relevant investigations performed on the patient and provisional diagnosis

Consent forms (one each for patient and family members)
The consent forms for genomic analysis needs to be signed individually by each member (or parent/guardian in case the person is a minor). Each consent needs to be counter-signed by the investigator. Apart from the patient, we would require additional family members too for validation and it would be worthwhile to collect them together.
Step3: Packaging and sending
Please pack the documents and tubes in a small cardboard box with adequate padding. Seal the box and paste the address label. You will need to sign the Consignment Information form as below to enable shipping of the samples to us. 

Consignment information/declaration (required for the courier/postage department)
Since you would be posting out blood samples, you would require to attach a declaration which should be signed/stamped and given to the courier/postage department for processing your courier.

Please post out the package to

Consignments need to be addressed to

Dr. Mohammed Faruq
CSIR Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (CSIR-IGIB)
Mall Road, Delhi 110007, India